American Security Drone Act of 2019

A piece of legislation by both sides was recently introduced earlier this month that would put a hard ban on the purchase and use of DJI Drones by federal agencies. It also prevents other law enforcement agencies from using federal money to buy said Chinese made drones. The United States government is worried that constant dependence on and continued use of Chinese drones will cripple the U.S. in multiple ways, siting security concerns. If the bill, the American Security Drone Act of 2019, were passed, federal officials would have 180 days to cease use of the drones. The upside to this bill would be domesticating drone production and innovation for the United States.

The problem that arises with this bill is that agencies like the Interior Department rely heavily on the use of DJI drones. Not to mention all the local and state agencies that use these drones for search and rescue, fire, and other critical conditions that only a proven drone can handle.

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